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Delivering a robust DR strategy with your business needs in mind.


We have the people to assist in determining your security needs and delivering a robust security strategy with your business in mind.


A school leader in girls’ education with a small-medium size environment needing enterprise like solutions was after a DR solution, the general trends of current day “always-on” drove their need to find a solution that could consolidate backup and DR, give a true replica of their current environment with easy access, a pay on consumption model, best of breed in relation to functionality RPO and RTO times and cost reduction.


They had an inadequate DR environment that was in the same location as production and was the EOL equipment from the production refresh. The budget was a challenge as DR is seen as a necessity but hitting the balance of being able to provision for DR but keeping costs at a minimum needed to be thought through.


Our AWS solution was a stand out for them not only because it encompassed what they were looking for; a true replica of their environment easily accessible for DR, a consolidate backup, pay on a consumption model, value and cost reduction. But also, they value our customer relationship approach, the time frames on implementation and future support.


Not only the customer was happy with our implementation process, the ease of use and the minimal RPO and RTO times. But since the AWS implementation they have had a full DR solution and if needed backup solution within most cases 5 second RPO, have reduced their physical footprint removing old hardware and maintenance costs, now have multiple avenues to restore data if needed and can stand up single instances of servers if needed with minimal spend and time.