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3 ways video analytics can keep your organisation and staff safe

2020 has certainly turned into a year that will go down in history. It opened with the devastating bushfire season and quickly became a matter of public health when government mandated social distancing and lockdown forced everyone into the safety of their homes. As we continue to grapple with a changing world and we plan our back to work strategies, we all need to be more vigilant in how we manage our facilities, and more diligent regarding public health and safety. 

Onel, in partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), is well positioned to help you leverage your existing technology to help keep your staff, customers and visitors safe. 

“How exactly?” You might ask?

Through using state-of-the-art video analytics technology of course. Here’s three ways video analytics can help.

1. Mitigating the potential risk of an outbreak

With the ability to identify potentially sick staff or visitors to your facility through thermal imaging, you can help to prevent the outbreak of illness with strategically placed cameras at every entry and exit point of the facility.  With the addition of facial recognition, you can also monitor people’s temperatures throughout the day to ensure their health and condition doesn’t change over time. 

2. Maintain best-practice hygiene standards

On top of the ability to identify any breaches in social distancing through green light systems and alarms, you can also easily ensure your staff are using the correct personal protection equipment (PPE) to avoid the transmission of illnesses.  Additionally, the technology also easily allows you to monitor the correct use of sanitisation equipment and length of hand-washing procedures. 

3. Manage site-capacity in real-time

Easily track and manage facility occupancy to ensure you avoid overcrowding. You have the ability to monitor and manage the number of people that congregate in any particular room or area to ensure you maintain safe workspaces at all times.  The technology also gives you the ability to record heat mapping of high traffic areas and provides visibility into the average dwell time of specific areas. This allows you to make adjustments to traffic flows if necessary, and gives you the ability to remain agile with staff habits, ultimately minimising potential congestion as best as possible. 

We believe in the power of simplicity, freeing your IT to do the work that matters rather than worrying about monitoring and maintaining IT systems. As we move towards getting teams back to work safely, now is the perfect time to incorporate a solution that will protect your staff, customers and visitors in the long run.

Supported by HPE Pointnext Services and available as a low monthly fee, this is that solution.

To learn more about the specifics of the solution, speak with an Onel expert today. 

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