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5 Ways GreenLake Solves Common SMB Challenges


Are you at a crossroads in your digital transformation efforts? As businesses struggle to keep up with increasing application and data demands, the dream solution often feels out of reach due to the complexity of upgrading an outdated infrastructure. GreenLake, the edge-to-cloud solution from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, makes this transition seamless while tackling major business challenges head-on with a range of innovative features. And the good news is that it’s now available for small and medium-sized businesses!

1. Say Goodbye to Over-Provisioning

Are you seeing money going towards technology that you don’t even need in the end? Over-provisioning is a common challenge faced by businesses as they buy storage capacity based off predictions. This approach is often necessary to avoid serious business problems such as downtime due to insufficient resources, but it doesn’t have to be this way anymore. HPE GreenLake solves this common problem with a flexible as-a-service model as well as cost and compliance analytics tools that help you save money by allowing you to scale your storage up or down quickly based on changing demands.

2. Reduce IT Infrastructure Complexity

With applications and data living in different locations—such as on-premises, in collocation facilities and at the edge—many businesses face IT complexity that can be time consuming and restrictive. The new generation of cloud services from HPE GreenLake simplifies IT infrastructure by delivering a cloud experience to SMBs, wherever their apps and data live. This makes it easier to transform operations, innovate and get to market up to 75% faster.

3. Stay Ahead of Cybersecurity Threats

Achieving full visibility and control across your IT environment often isn't easy. GreenLake provides this visibility with a central management platform that brings everything together, allowing you to monitor security, cost, compliance, performance and other crucial metrics. SMBs can also enjoy peace of mind and free up their IT staff with 24/7 remote monitoring from GreenLake providers, such as Onel.

4. Keep up with the Latest Technology

By leveraging the latest technologies, SMBs can unlock new opportunities and stay ahead of the curve. The problem is that when it comes to complex hybrid estates, this is easier said than done. Choosing and implementing new technology takes time, can cause business downtime and can be hard to integrate with the existing infrastructure. With a huge portfolio of technology partners and services, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise makes it easy for businesses using GreenLake to upgrade their technology with an easy point-and-click platform.

5. Harness the Full Power of Your Data

Is your existing infrastructure preventing you from harnessing the full power of your data? You’re not alone. Many SMBs struggle to use their data to drive business innovation because it’s difficult for their team to access and analyse. By delivering a simple cloud experience for all your apps and data, GreenLake is uniquely positioned to help you harness the full power of your information, wherever it’s stored. Want to know more about solving your challenges with a hybrid cloud solution? We’re proudly partnered with HPE to help Australian SMBs find the right data storage solution for their needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are here to help with any questions you have about GreenLake. So, if you’d like to find out more about transforming your business with cutting-edge HPE technology powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and Intel® Optane™ SSD, get in touch with one of our experts today.

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