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Are you aware of this growing risk to your business?

Let’s get real. You’ve invested a lot of time, money and energy into your business. You’re proud of how far you’ve come, and you want to take things further. There’s no way you’d ever jeopardise what you’ve built.

However, there’s a growing threat to businesses in Australia and around the world. A threat that you may have heard of but never really paid attention to because there’s no way it would ever happen to you right? We are afraid you are wrong.

Why you should treat your email security seriously

If you think you’ll never be a target of a cyberattack, we urge you to rethink that statement.

Businesses, just like yours, are the target of 43% of all cyberattacks, with most executed using a single email. Almost one in three data breaches are linked to compromised login credentials, with phishing emails one of the most reported scams in Australia in 2020.

Email threats are becoming more sophisticated and can now evade most standard antivirus solutions. So it’s time to look more closely at your email security to ensure you can defend your business against cyber threats and avoid the financial, reputational, and labour costs that come with it.

So what you can do right now to get your email security in check?

We’ve put together a handy 7-step checklist to help you boost your email security and protect your business from a cyberattack. Use it to tick off the email security practices you already have in place and discover ways you can protect your business and your data. It’s time to bump your email security protection up the priority list.

In this free download, you’ll get access to 7 ways you can boost your email security straight away. With 47,502 email attacks recorded in 2020 (and growing fast!) you really don’t have time to waste. Get started now by downloading our free email security checklist.


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