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Leverage the Power of Data and Apps with HPE Alletra

Data is core to making faster, better business decisions. But what do you do at a time when there’s more data than ever before and it’s dispersed across your IT environment? HPE Alletra is a breakthrough storage solution that unifies your data and applications from edge to core to cloud. Featuring AI-driven technology, it streamlines data management and delivers a cloud experience no matter where your apps and data live. The result? An agile, reliable, and intelligent IT infrastructure designed for the demands of today and the future.

Maximise your business agility

Businesses love the cloud experience because it provides the agility needed for our fast-paced world. However, a common challenge is that applications and data are often dispersed across complex IT environments that includes on-premises, edge, and cloud storage.

By moving away from owning and managing this complex infrastructure and investing in a unified as-a-service model, such as HPE Alletra, businesses can achieve cloud agility for all apps and data. With the cloud experience for every application combined with a pay-as-you-go model, businesses can scale their infrastructure up and down to meet changing demands, deploy data infrastructure in minutes, and achieve financial agility. All from a single Software-as-a-Service-based console.

Optimise with AI

Through HPE InfoSight cloud-based machine learning, HPE Alletra automatically predicts and prevents problems ranging from storage to virtual machines. As well as helping to reduce business downtime, this technology also provides AI-driven recommendations for performance improvements and resource optimisation for better operations. This means your IT teams can redirect their time to other digital transformation initiatives.

Run any app

From traditional to modern apps, HPE Alletra servers, featuring powerful Intel® processors, deliver optimised workloads for reliable performance across your environment. The cloud-native infrastructure takes the complexity out of trying to do this using traditional storage management, while breaking down silos and providing a consistent experience from your on-premises applications to those in the cloud. It’s also designed to be coupled with Data Services Cloud Console so that you can efficiently deploy, provision, manage, and scale your storage, as well as improving transparency.

Unlock the power of your data

Leveraging data is one of the most powerful ways to drive better business outcomes. With HPE Alletra, you can move away from managing your data infrastructure, to simply accessing and utilising data whenever you need it. With a unified infrastructure, you can unlock the power of your data with seamless data mobility, effortless backup and recovery, and consistent data services across your entire environment.

Are you thinking about upgrading your IT infrastructure? Get in touch with our experts to find out more about the benefits of HPE Alletra.

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