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Make Smarter IT Decisions with Onel and HPE CloudPhysics

The current IT buying process is not keeping up with the times, making it tough for decision-makers to manage. Finding clarity when making decisions about needs and purchases for digital transformation is a common challenge. Each IT purchase comes with its set of tough questions: How do we set up for SLAs? On-premises or cloud? And the eternal struggle – proving ROI. 

As if that's not enough, there's the daunting task of predicting IT spend, tackling cyber threats, and meeting the growing need for agility and flexibility.

The challenge is there's no one-size-fits-all solution. Every organisation is on its own digital transformation journey, dealing with unique challenges. Businesses often find themselves lost in a sea of spreadsheets, attempting to untangle the intricate web of connections between their workloads and infrastructure, all while working with limited visibility. 

At Onel, we get it. Our customers count on us to deliver the right products and solutions, customised to help them achieve their specific business goals. That's why we've teamed up with HPE to adopt HPE CloudPhysics into our solution portfolio. 

Why Onel?  

Hands-On Approach  

Our senior consultants work closely with you from the start, ensuring actionable outcomes aligned with your business requirements. 

Gold HPE Partner  

As a Gold HPE partner, our certified consultants bring technical brilliance in leading technologies, offering end-to-end support. 

Client-Driven Solutions  

We collaborate to understand your current and future business needs, tailoring solutions for maximum efficiency. 


Smarter Insights from Edge to Cloud 

HPE CloudPhysics technology, powered by Intel®, is a hassle-free, service-based solution – no hardware, no software, and no future maintenance needed! This powerhouse continuously monitors and analyses IT infrastructures, offering cost estimates for cloud migrations and creating a virtual environment model of your IT infrastructure. 

HPE CloudPhysics stands out with over 200 metrics for VMs, hosts, data stores, and networks – making it one of the most detailed data capture tools in the industry. To date, it has collected 200 trillion data samples from 1 million VM instances globally. With over 4500 completed assessments, HPE CloudPhysics has a proven track record of significantly boosting the ROI on infrastructure investments. 

A Holistic Approach to Infrastructure Insights 

HPE CloudPhysics broadens its perspective to provide detailed insights into hosts, data stores, and networks. This means you get a comprehensive understanding of your entire IT ecosystem, facilitating informed decision-making across the board. 

For hosts, HPE CloudPhysics delves into performance metrics, resource utilisation, and potential bottlenecks, ensuring the backbone of your infrastructure operates at optimal efficiency. Data stores receive thorough attention, with insights into storage performance, capacity planning, and data management strategies. In the world of networks, HPE CloudPhysics offers in-depth analytics on traffic patterns, latency issues, and network efficiency – ensuring a seamless and well-connected environment. 

Fine-Tuning Your Cloud Migration 

What sets HPE CloudPhysics apart is its role in identifying the ideal configuration for compute, memory, storage, and network during cloud migrations. Leveraging its extensive dataset and advanced analytics, HPE CloudPhysics guides organisations through the intricacies of cloud migration. Beyond cost estimates, it provides actionable recommendations to optimise each facet of your infrastructure for the cloud environment. Allowing a smooth transition and maximises the benefits of cloud adoption while minimising potential pitfalls. 


How HPE CloudPhysics Powers your Transformation Journey 

Right-size your infrastructure to lower costs.

Before investing in new infrastructure, understanding your current workloads is crucial. HPE CloudPhysics helps you right-size your existing environment, ensuring optimal and cost-effective infrastructure for your workloads. This proven approach has led to customers saving up to 50% after right-sizing. 

Here's how it works: HPE CloudPhysics collects and analyses detailed resource utilisation data from each VM. It identifies the exact resources needed for each VM to perform efficiently. For instance, if a VM is configured with 8 vCPUs but only uses 2 vCPUs for its applications, HPE CloudPhysics highlights the opportunity to right-size that VM to a smaller instance. 

Optimise workloads across clouds.

How much will it cost to run applications in the public cloud versus keeping them on-premises? HPE CloudPhysics has the answers. Activate it, and within minutes, your entire VMware infrastructure is mapped against current pricing and configuration options from top cloud providers. 

But it's not just about cost – HPE CloudPhysics goes the extra mile. It identifies the ideal configuration for compute, memory, storage, and network when moving data to the cloud. This data-driven approach empowers organisations to make swift decisions based on the actual resource needs of VMs. 

When combined with right-sizing, this mapping ensures you don't move idle resources to the cloud, putting the brakes on unnecessary costs. 

Transform your IT purchasing experience.

Whether you're aiming to enhance your virtual data centre, revolutionise a private cloud, or smoothly transition workloads to the public cloud, HPE CloudPhysics is your optimisation partner. It fine-tunes your workloads and IT spend across your entire environment. 

With boosted visibility and understanding, HPE CloudPhysics is a game-changer in the procurement process. Achieve your IT goals through more efficient infrastructure planning and procurement. Experience streamlined processes, heightened efficiency, and the successful realisation of your transformation objectives.  


The Onel Process  

Book a session with an Onel expert to kickstart the CloudPhysics journey. Unlock valuable insights tailored to your environment.  

Step 2 - Hassle-Free CloudPhysics Implementation 

Let Onel take care of the setup, monitoring, and analysis of your IT infrastructure. Enjoy a seamless experience as we identify optimisation opportunities.  

Step 3 - Rapid Insights at Your Fingertips 

In just 15 minutes, receive actionable insights. Discover optimisation opportunities and right-sizing options for your infrastructure.  

Step 4 - Comprehensive Analysis Review 

Sit back as Onel guides you through the analysis report. Compare on-premises and public cloud requirements for data-driven decision-making.  

Step 5 - Customised Investment Plan 

Collaborate with Onel to craft a strategic investment plan based on data-driven insights. Achieve maximum ROI with a tailored approach. 


Wondering about the best way to achieve your IT goals? Discover data-driven analytics for smarter IT decisions from edge to cloud. Book a session with an Onel expert today. 

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