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P&O Maritime Storage Platform

About the client

P&O Maritime is a leader in the global maritime industry. The company owns and manages specialist vessels, chartering, port services and logistic solutions.

The Australian offices provide specialised marine science and research, expeditionary and cargo transport to the Antarctic and Sub Antarctic for the Australian and French Government, as well as a full range of cargo services. The offices also provide the IT systems and infrastructure which support the business globally.

The project

P&O Maritime’s storage platform was due for replacement and the business required a cost effective and easy- to- administer solution. The solution selected by P&O was a Nimble/Cisco/VMWare smart stack solution which needed to be deployed and then all business systems and data migrated over to the new platform.

How Onel worked with the project

P&O have had a long association with ONEL and therefore engaged as infrastructure specialists to plan and deliver the solution. The solution was deployed in January 2015 and the transition over to the new storage environment to approximately one month.

What they client said

“We’ve had a long relationship with Onel, so we were happy to use them for this project. They brought lots of expertise, and worked with us to plan and deliver the solution.”

Steven Weingartner, Infrastructure and Communications Manager


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