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Take our Business Analysis to Discover your Digital Transformation Path


We believe in the power of simplicity. Of freeing your IT teams to do the work that matters – rather than worrying about uptime, data storage capacity or maintenance.

If your business is growing and your legacy systems are under pressure, we’ll ensure you have a fast, intelligent IT solution that is easy to manage and maintain.

Onel’s integration experts work with you to ensure this meets your budget, and aligns with business demands now and in the future – as part of a documented roadmap for change.

Together, Onel and HPE will help you realise the full potential of digital transformation.


You’re under pressure to transform your whole organisation, not just one system.

So we start by focusing on outcomes for your organisation and your people – not just a new data storage solution. We know simple management and maintenance can make all the difference, enabling small IT teams to focus on their core activities.

And we also know that with so many options, it can be hard to know where to start.

That’s why, no matter what size your business or budget, you can expect enterprise-level project management support from Onel. Our unique approach gives you confidence that you have the right IT solution to resolve all your challenges – with future capabilities such as cloud-readiness built-in.

"We deliver outcomes from day one by giving you confidence. We understand your operating environment, so our solution will not only overcome any issues… it will enhance your organisation, by making IT management easier and faster." Binal Hendawitharana, Principal Consultant, Onel


Digital transformation can take many forms – but our role is to make the entire process simple.

As your partner in digital transformation, we manage all project resources for you through our robust project management methodology. You’ll always work with a senior Onel consultant, ensuring a simpler experience and more certainty from day one.

1. ASSESS - understand your operational and application needs.

2. PLAN - the right technology to enable your business to thrive today and into the future.

3. WEEKLY PROJECT UPDATES - ensuring visibility across timeframes and budget future.

4. DEPLOYMENT - with ongoing training and support to ensure your solution is fully integrated and can grow with your needs.

"Onel worked with us to meet our budgetary requirements. With minimal capex outlay we have a fully-integrated enterprise backup solution and have also freed disc space so we can continue growing our global business units. I cannot rate the solution highly enough, I’m extremely happy with it." Stephen Weingartner, P&O Infrastructure Communications Manager.


The answers are already written in the stars. Take our Business Analysis to discover how to connect the dots and light the path for future business growth.


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