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Why Choose a Composable Infrastructure for Your Business?

As businesses face an increasingly digital world, IT infrastructure transformation is essential to moving forward. And that means ensuring it’s able to handle both traditional and cloud native apps. HPE Synergy does just that with a Composable Infrastructure that supports both current and next-gen apps for better agility, flexibility, and speed.

What is a composable infrastructure and why does it matter?

Composable Infrastructure decouples device resources such as computers, networking, and storage from hardware and makes them accessible from anywhere in the data centre. By moving to this technology environment, your business can achieve challenging goals such as deploying systems quickly, running workloads anywhere, and operating any workload (including physical, virtual, and containerised).

Another key benefit of a Composable Infrastructure is that it allows the right service levels. By creating a fluid pool of resources, the right combination of these for each workload can be achieved. This is important because it helps achieve on-demand resource management.

Improving agility with fluid resource pools

HPE Synergy uses a Composable Infrastructure to deliver a fluid resource pool that empowers organisations to keep pace by allowing rapid provisioning and seamless ongoing resource management. This has already proven to deliver infrastructure cost savings, time savings, and productivity gains. With compute, storage, and fabric in a single structure, they are ready to boot up for any workload when required.

Your key to speed and scalability

Featuring software-defined intelligence at its core and powerful Intel® processors, HPE Synergy empowers your business to accelerate application and service delivery—all in a single interface. It uses workload templates so that you can compose, recompose, and make updates seamlessly. Plus, it’s available as a service through HPE GreenLake making it easy to update it to suit your changing demands.

Get hands-off with automation

A more automated infrastructure is something many IT leaders dream of. Featuring application programming interfaces (APIs), HPE Synergy gives your IT team the tools they need to program your infrastructure like code. This means your business can achieve infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) capabilities in the private data centre.

Want to find out more about HPE Synergy? Get in touch with our team to learn more or find out whether a Composable Infrastructure is right for your business.

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