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Our New Brand Identity

Six years ago, Onel Consulting was founded with one key goal, to offer a better value and the right IT solutions to our customers. How we have accomplished this goal? By understanding our customers' needs and having the trifecta of sales, pre-sales and technical, we are business focused technical people and provide the perfect marriage between business and tech needs - a synergy. 

Today, we unveiled Onel’s new brand identity, an identity that truly reflects who we are, what we do and what we stand for. We are a trustworthy, smart, honest, experienced, reliable and friendly team that provides business focused leading technology solutions with a smooth, easy and efficient process. 

Whenever you work with our team you will find that we take full responsibility for the advice we give and the solutions we provide, we live and breathe tech, we value our clients’ time, we deliver the right fit solutions, we value our relationships and always stay on top of the leading IT. 

Our logo has change but our identity, essence, values and goals remain intact. We will continue working hard helping organisations deploy a fast, intelligent IT solutions easy to manage and maintain. We will always ensure complete transparency and project control at every stage and our customers can be confident of a successful outcome from day one.  

We are thankful for the people we have meet, relationships we have built, the solutions we have delivered, partnerships we have developed and the team we have built during these years. Great things are coming for us, big goals to accomplish and we can’t wait to see what the next 6 years will look for Onel Consulting! 


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